Light Up Your Life Yoga

Yoga to relax your body and calm your mind



Welcome to Light Up Your Life Yoga…



                       Relaxing Dru Yoga classes


                                                           ……for all ages and abilities


                                                                              … the Bolton area


Did you know

  • Yoga stretches and strengthens your body, easing tension out of tight muscles and joints?
  • Yoga increases your concentration and helps you to focus on the present moment?
  • Yoga relaxes body and mind improving your sense of well-bring?

This means

  • Your body feels relaxed and energised
  • Your mind is calmer and clearer so you can cope better with life’s challenges

Which all means that Yoga really does Light Up Your Life!

Light Up Your Life Yoga offers relaxing morning and afternoon  yoga classes to calm and destress mind and body.   

There are many studies which prove the benefits of yoga.  Dru Yoga is suitable for all ages and abilities