Light Up Your Life Yoga

Yoga to relax your body and calm your mind


All classes are suitable for beginners. All classes are drop in, which means you are welcome to come along whenever you can make it, although if you are able to come regularly you can save money by paying in advance (see below).  The Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday classes are currently full – to join the waiting list please contact me, or for a list of links to find other local classes click here.

This half term we are going to use yoga to help with emotional balance.  We’ll be doing some beautiful relaxing sequences such as the Moon Sequence and the Earth Sequence, and continue to use the Dru Energy Block Release Sequences which help to release deeply held tension from body and mind.  We’ll have some balancing poses like Tree and Dancer, some strong poses (adapted if necessary) like Warrior to help us feel strong and empowered.  And each week of course we’ll have a deep relaxation to allow the benefits to settle.  We’ll also explore Bhramari Breath, a beautiful pranayama (breathing) technique that is very soothing.


MONDAY 1.30pm – 3pm *** NOT ON BANK HOLIDAYS – 1 MAY AND 29 MAY ****

St Margaret’s Church Hall
Lonsdale Road
Bolton BL1 4PW

TUESDAY 10 am – 11.30 am *** HALF TERM HOLIDAY – 30 MAY ****

***** This class is full – to join the waiting list please contact me *****

Walmsley Unitarian Chapel
Blackburn Road (just before Ciao Baby)
Bolton BL7 9PR


WEDNESDAY 11.45am – 1 pm 

***** This class is full – to join the waiting list please contact me ***** 

Sunnyside Community Centre
Moisant Street
Great Lever
Bolton BL3 3AU    GetActive session £2.50 per lesson

THURSDAY 7.45pm – 9.15pm  **** HALL UNAVAILABLE 25th MAY – CLASS MOVED TO WED 24th MAY ****

***** This class is full – to join the waiting list please contact me ***** 

St Margaret’s Church Hall
Lonsdale Road
Bolton BL1 4PW


What to bring to a class

Wear comfortable clothing that is easy to move in.
Yoga mats are provided, but if you have a mat please bring it.
A blanket can be good for the relaxation at the end of class, so you can stay warm.
It can be beneficial to bring a bottle of water because you might feel thirsty during the class.

What happens in a Dru Yoga Class

Each class starts with some gentle movements which warm up the muscles and make it more comfortable to stretch them. There is then a sequence of soft flowing movements that will release tension stored in the muscles and joints. Following the sequence there will be some yoga poses or another sequence that will work to further release tension or to strengthen the body or perhaps improve balance. Finally, each class ends with a deep relaxation that helps body and mind absorb the benefits of the yoga, giving you a sense of deep well-being.


Wednesday sessions are sponsored by GetActive and cost £2.50 per session.

Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday classes

Special offer – First class £6

then choose one of the following options…

Option 1 – pay for a block of classes in advance @ £5 a class – either 8 weeks (£40) or for the length of a half-term (variable)

Option 2 – pay for up to 6 classes in 8 weeks @ £6 a class (£36)

Option 3 – pay per class – drop-in rate £8

As term lengths change depending on school holidays, the cost each half-term of buying classes at £5 a lesson will be variable.  Any weeks falling in Bolton school holidays will be taken into account and excluded from advance payments.  If you pay in advance and miss your regular class you are welcome to come to a different class during your payment period.

If you attend regularly but would find it hard to pay in advance, please come and see me.