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Yoga Therapy Group Course for Stress and Anxiety

Yoga Therapy Group Course for Stress and Anxiety – 6 week course


Stress and anxiety are major problems for many people in today’s society. Yoga therapy provides some simple and effective techniques to help people cope with stress and reduce anxiety, helping to improve physical and mental health.

If you are interested in taking part in a 6 week course which will give you tools to help you cope with stress or reduce anxiety, please get in touch on 0776 100 2389 or via the contact me page.

Previous participants said:

I lead a hectic life running my own business – never relaxing and often manic.  This caused me to be tense, short-tempered, and often stressed.  I cannot believe the difference in myself after this course.  I sleep better, I am calmer, and much less worried.  The techniques taught are so clear and easy and I now practise them daily without effort.  A phenomenal result for me. KT – Business owner

Enlightening, very empowering, lots of new ideas and perspectives.  Thank you.  Anon

Yoga therapy has helped me with stress and anxiety.  It has enabled me to focus on my inner energy which in turn has helped me cope in difficult situations. HM – Secretary

It has helped me to sleep better… it has given me easy techniques to clam down in a stressful situation.  Thank you! Definitely helpful and worthwhile.  Anon

When I first started this course I was in a really bad place.  My anxiety levels were very high along with restlessness.  I have found gradually through the course that I am very much at peace.  I think things through rather than charging into situations like ‘a bull in a china shop’.  Thank you Lucy for bringing peace into my body, mind, and LIFE. BF – Director of own business

Thank you Lucy for your excellent teaching of these yoga techniques.  I was a yoga novice but not any more. PT

I ended up feeling more like me!  Taking time for myself and being led into a better place to live within my body.  Taking control of me – not being controlled by life. Gill

The course has taught me a range of techniques which I can use to overcome the physical effects of stress – painful and stiff neck and shoulders.  It has also given me techniques to use when I feel stressed and panicky.  Above all, the sessions themselves have made me relax and clear my mind.  There is no pressure to do things perfectly and you are encouraged to go at your own pace.  Christine Dixon – Retired and a carer

I sleep better after the class.  I find I can calm myself down easier.  My breathing is easier. Anon

This course was enjoyable.  It was informative and helpful, and delivered knowledgeably, gently, and thoughtfully.  There was an opportunity to benefit physically (through carefully and safely explained poses) and psychologically by listening (and reflecting at home) on information given.  Ultimately, it was up to the individual participants to absorb, practise the poses, reflect on the information and start to make changes to their lives if they chose.  I for one chose to.  RS – ‘happily retired’

I have found the course enjoyable.  It was easy to relax in the classes and Lucy soon puts everyone at ease.  Just having the knowledge of the techniques and being able to put these into practice at certain times has increased my sense of wellbeing! Thank you for a lovely experience 🙂  LS – Teacher

This course has made me more aware of my anxiety and how to cope with it.  The yoga poses have helped to keep me grounded and have some control over myself in stressful situations. Anon

The techniques quickly induced deep relaxation and relieved tension from my body. Nicola, Civil Servant

Being in a group is beneficial… Feels supportive and a good toolkit.  Anon

I get less headaches now… less aggression, less depression.  I am more self-aware.  Anon

Attending the weekly yoga therapy sessions and practising the techniques at home in between have helped me to bring down my levels of stress and anxiety significantly.  I now practise daily and consider that it helps a great deal. Anon – Office Manager

The course has helped me to try and control my anxiety.  It has helped me relax through the breathing techniques.  To make time for myself… Also to build up my self-esteem. Anon



Yoga Therapy Group Course for Stress and Anxiety details

What does it involve?

Once you get in touch I’ll send you a short health questionnaire.  When I receive your completed form I will reserve you a place.  Please note these courses fill up quickly – there will be a maximum of 10 places available.

Before the sessions start, we’ll meet one-to-one and have a quick chat (about 30 minutes) about your health and why you would like to do the course.  I will, of course, keep the information you give me completely confidential.

There will be 6 one hour sessions, roughly once a week, for a group of 6 – 10 people. These will involve some gentle movement, some breathing techniques, and relaxation and mindfulness techniques.  Midway through the course we’ll check to see how things are going, with a final feedback session at the end of the course.

In order to gain the full benefits from this course it is best for you to come to each session, and to do some simple daily practice at home.

The total cost is £50.  A deposit of £20 is payable when we meet for a one-to-one chat – £30 is then payable on the first evening.  This price offers very good value for money and is likely to increase in 2018.

When is it?

The next course will start on Wednesday 4 October 2017, followed by another 5 sessions over the next 6 weeks, on Wednesday evenings at a time to suit the participants.  The final session will be on 15 November (25th October will be a week off).

Where is it?

St Margaret’s Church Hall, Lonsdale Road, BL1 4PW .  Parking is available in the small car park next to the church.


About Lucy Cleary

I have been teaching yoga since 2008.  In 2016 I qualified as a Yoga Therapist accredited by the British Council of Yoga Therapists and I am registered with the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC).   This means I can work at a much deeper therapeutic level, applying and adapting yoga techniques for an individual or small group. In accordance with the General Medical Council guidelines I can now also receive referrals from NHS doctors and private healthcare plans.

I started practising yoga 14 years ago when I had mild postnatal depression after the birth of my youngest child.  I noticed that yoga made a difference to my life almost instantly, helping me to feel like I could cope again, and helping me to sleep.  During my teaching I have found yoga to have the same effect on other people.  Yoga Therapy is a way to share further the benefits of yoga, working with people to provide them with the tools they need to improve their own health.