Light Up Your Life Yoga

Yoga to relax your body and calm your mind

Who can do yoga?

If you can breathe, you can do yoga!


Who can do yoga classes?

Dru yoga classes are suitable for all ages and all levels of fitness and flexibility. Most postures are taught in stages so that each person can stay at the stage most comfortable for them.

There is no competition in yoga – part of yoga is learning to accept your own body and how it moves. Yoga is about relaxing into postures, not forcing your body: Dru yoga’s gentle flowing style really helps with this.

Yoga is suitable for many people, and is beneficial for all sorts of conditions including arthritis, back pain, high blood pressure, depression, and anxiety. It is particularly good for relieving feelings of stress.

If you want to stretch, strengthen, and relax then a general yoga class might be ideal for you.  For more information on my classes, click here.


Who can do Yoga Therapy?

If you have a health issue, physical or otherwise, or you would like to improve your sense of well-being by working one-to-one or in a small group, then yoga therapy is for you.

Yoga Therapy Courses

These are targeted courses for small groups which focus on a particular health condition – for example, back pain, or stress and anxiety.  On these courses you will learn a few simple techniques which you practise at home.  There will be some movement, some breathing techniques, and some relaxation or mindfulness.  Before each course starts, we’ll meet for a short chat about why you want to do the course and to discuss your condition.  This helps me to fine-tune each course for the people attending.  The courses last for 6 weeks, and by the end you will be confident in the use of techniques that you can continue to use at home to help improve your well-being.

One-to-one Yoga Therapy

These sessions are all about you!   If you have a specific health condition you would like to work with, or simply want a healthier lifestyle, these sessions will suit you.  We will have an initial session where we discuss how you are and what you would like to gain from yoga therapy.  During this session, you will be given an individually-tailored programme of beneficial yoga movements, breathing, and relaxation techniques.  Over the next few weeks we will meet to see how the programme is working, tweaking it if necessary so you can gain maximum benefits from the therapy.  Different people will need or want a different number of sessions.  For more information click here.


So, who can do yoga?

You can!


Always consult your doctor about starting yoga if you have any concerns about your health.